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Phonocut lets you cut your own vinyl records at home

(Image credit: Phonocut)

The idea of putting your own music on vinyl might seem like something of a pipedream, but if the makes of Phonocut are to be believed, it could soon be almost as simple as putting on a record and playing it.

This ‘home vinyl recorder’ is designed to “reinvent record production”, and requires the user to complete just three simple steps. Place the blank vinyl on the platter, connect an audio input and press the Start button. And that’s it.

How to cut a virtual vinyl record in your DAW

Phonocut uses 10-inch discs, which will cost around $10 each. You can cut around 10 to 15 minutes of music per side, and the records will play back on any turntable.

As things stand, audio input has to be via a stereo minijack, but wireless functionality is apparently in development. We’re also told that Phonocut “optimises the audio” for cutting, too, though it remains to be seen what kind of quality can be achieved.

Phonocut will be available on Kickstarter this week, with pre-orders starting at €999. 

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