Perfect your mixes fast with Focusrite's FAST Bundle

(Image credit: Focusrite)

Focusrite’s FAST Bundle is the essential mixing toolkit for the DIY producer. A collection of five user-friendly plugins that use the power of artificial intelligence to select the ideal parameters for any mixing scenario, the FAST Bundle allows you to dial in the perfect sound fast, without losing your creative flow. The FAST Bundle has been discounted by an unbelievable 70% in Focusrite’s Black Friday and Holiday Sale, which runs from now until 31st January 2023.

For those embarking on their journey into music production, getting their head around compressors, EQs, reverbs and limiters can often be a time-consuming and difficult process. Focusrite’s FAST plugins provide the solution, by automatically selecting suitable parameters for the audio that’s being processed. Using AI-powered intelligent analysis technology, the plugins listen to incoming audio and instantly design mixing presets tailored for the track. Once these have been suggested, users can tweak and adapt the chosen settings to nail down the sound they’re looking for. 

The FAST plugins are impressively user-friendly in their design, with clean, approachable interfaces that make applying effective processing quicker than ever before. The interface is highly intuitive, requiring not more than a few clicks to activate their AI-based technology and apply precise, targeted processing. 

Each plugin offers a variety of profiles that tweak the treatments to create suitable settings for common applications (drums, guitar, vocals etc) while providing the option to customize the tone and flavour of the processing. More experienced users can opt to utilise the plugins’ Detailed view, giving them access to an expanded toolkit of parameters that enables manual fine-tuning for each effect type. 

FAST Compressor

Compression is key to controlling dynamic range and crafting a well-balanced, studio-quality mix. FAST Compressor analyzes a track’s dynamic profile and instantly generates compression settings in response, meaning producers can spend more time in the creative flow, and less time dialling in their compressor threshold. 

FAST Limiter

Limiting is one of the most fundamental but least well-understood aspects of mixing and mastering. FAST Limiter makes the process simple, easy and effective, empowering producers to create release-ready music and sound like the artists that inspire them. 


Correctly applied, reverb adds depth and space to a mix, but used incorrectly it can cause serious problems. FAST Verb enables producers to apply the right amount of reverb for their track, intelligently tweaking each parameter in accordance with the audio’s unique characteristics. The graphic EQ illuminates the process, and assists the user with precision fine-tuning. 

FAST Reveal

FAST Reveal analyses two audio signals simultaneously, applying targeted EQ reductions that address frequency clashes within the overall mix. The plugin makes this typically tricky process quick, easy and intuitive - all that’s needed is to add FAST Reveal to a track, add the competing mix element as a sidechain and press Learn. 

FAST Equaliser

FAST Equaliser intelligently pinpoints both desirable and undesirable frequencies within the incoming audio signal, automatically applying suitable EQ curves and frequency profiles to produce a well-balanced mix that gives any instrument clarity and punch.  

FAST Bundle has been discounted by 70% as part of Focusrite’s Black Friday and Holiday Sale, and is now available for £99/$99. Cus­tom­ers can get this ex­clus­ive dis­count on Focusrtie’s FAST Bundle un­til 31st Janu­ary 2023. 

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