Pearl unveils Matt Halpern Black-on-Brass signature snare drum

When it comes to signature snare drums, Pearl has one of the strongest reputations in the game with many of its signature models becoming modern classics. For 2021, Pearl has unveiled a brand new signature snare, designed by Periphery drummer, Matt Halpern.

Known for his aggressive and technical drumming style, the Periphery man has tailored each element of the snare to match. The 14” x 6” 1.5mm brass shell is powder-coated to create the black-on-brass look. 

Elsewhere, the Pearl Matt Halpern snare features no fewer than three air vents - highlighted with yellow gaskets alongside the badge - MasterCast die cast hoops, STL 150 ClipLock strainer, black brass swivel tube lugs and comes fitted with Evans Heavyweight Dry batter head.

"We worked really hard to put together the right combination of features to build a top-quality, incredible sounding snare drum," says Halpern. "I'm humbled, honoured, and excited at what we were able to achieve!"

 The pearl Matt Halpern Black-on-Brass Signature Snare drum will retail with an SSP of €799

Stuart Williams

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