Paul McCartney reveals previously unheard Jeff Beck collaboration

OK, don't get too excited, but Paul McCartney has taken to Instagram on #meatfreemonday to reveal a previously unheard piece of music created for a campaign message that features the recently-departed Jeff Beck on typically silky guitar duty. 

"With the sad passing of Jeff Beck, a good friend of mine, and a great, great guitar player," says McCartney, "it reminded me of the time we worked together, many years ago, on a campaign for vegetarianism.

"It's great guitar playing - because it's Jeff." 

Speaking over the newly-revealed recording, Beck provides a voiceover hammering home the impact of the ongoing deforestation that is still happening as we speak.

"Why are they cutting down the rainforests? What worries me is what else they are killing, apart from the cows?", says Beck, before dealing with what we may be losing, quite apart from - basically - the Earth's lungs. 

"Nearly a quarter of all medications and pharmaceuticals that we use today are derived from tropical plants. 

"70% percent of the plants identified as having anti-cancer agents come from rainforests and yet because we want more and more grazing land for cattle we are ripping up the rainforests, uncaring or oblivious to the fact that these forests may and possibly do contain plants that can provide a cure for leukemia or heart disease, maybe even a cure for AIDS, who knows?"

"It doesn't make much sense to me to risk losing the possible discovery of a miracle cure just for a $1.50 burger," concludes Beck.

McCartney signs off his post "If you'd like to hear it, if you'd like to hear what we did - and the messages of this campaign, go to this link."

Will Groves

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