Origin has unveiled its second overdrive pedal of 2022 with the M-EQ Driver and it could be a late winner

The electric guitar is a mid-heavy instrument – don't fight it. Embrace it! Boost it. Aside from the countless Tube Screamer clones that aim to deliver just that so you can be heard and hear yourself in the scrum of a band mix, Origin released its sophisticated and nuanced Halcyon Green Overdrive earlier this year. But it ain't done with the overdrive pedal action this year - not by a long shot.

Another overdrive though, why should you care? Well elements of the new M-EQ Driver are based on a vintage piece of studio gear – not another pedal. The trusted '50s Pultec studio EQ is the muse here, combined with the Adaptive Circuitry Origin introduced with the Halcyon.

Origin Effects

(Image credit: Origin Effects )

Origin Effects has 'reimagined' the Pultec unit as a guitar overdrive pedal with three mid-range frequencies to choose from, and saturation to move from mind-hump to spicy cocked wah-esque vintage tones. 

Origin states that the Adaptive Circuitry allows for the 'high-end roll-off of the Cut control' to be reduced as the pedal cleans up. The result is a smoother transition from warm overdrive to bright clean tones in response to your playing dynamics or gain control from your guitar's volume. 

The  M-EQ Driver is £259 / $319. More info at Origin Effects and Andertons

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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