Origin Effects releases the vintage Tube Screamer-style Halcyon Green Overdrive

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive
(Image credit: Origin Effects)

U.K. guitar stompbox builder Origin Effects has released their take on Ibanez’s classic green overdrive, the TS808 Tube Screamer.

Dubbed the Halcyon Green Overdrive, the pedal's new Adaptive circuitry promises to give classic gain tones “a whole new level of playability” with respect to pick attack and volume changes,

In addition to cleaning up in response to playing dynamics and instrument volume, its adaptable voice/EQ provides a significantly wider range of usable tones.

Accentuated by low- and high-end frequency roll-off, the original TS808's distinctive midrange ‘hump’ helps bring the guitar’s voice forward in a band mix.

And while this is particularly useful for overdrive sounds, players often prefer more of a ‘smile curve’ EQ when it comes to clean tones (think blackface Fender amps with plentiful bottom- and top-end.)

Origin Effects' new Adaptive circuitry enables the mid-forward voice to fade away as the pedal cleans up.

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive

(Image credit: Origin Effects)

Using the three-way Adapt switch, a wider and more usable tonal range may be explored. 

Two levels of “Adaptivity” can be selected.

Position II introduces what the manual calls "full adaptive behaviour," with significant bass and treble roll-off reduction as the signal cleans up.

Position I is "less adaptive" and maintains some bass and treble roll-off, which can be useful for tightening up the sound and controlling feedback.

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive

(Image credit: Origin Effects)

While the original TS808 Tube Screamer circuit feeds some of the dry signal into the mix, the dedicated Dry level control of the Halcyon Green Overdrive enables users to accurately control the wet/dry balance.

This can be particularly handy when seeking to improve signal clarity and definition.

The Halcyon Green Overdrive also features a Voice switch offering two flavours of mid-push: 808 and Mod.

The 808 setting provides standard vintage Tube Screamer-style tones, while Mod shifts the midrange hump up the frequency range slightly, introducing the sort of presence and bite that can assist with tightening up the sound of humbuckers and/or high-gain amps.

For more information visit Origin Effects.

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