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“Open a portal to intergalactic doom” with Haunted Labs’ Carolina Reaper overdrive/fuzz pedal

Haunted Labs has announced the Caroline Reaper fuzz pedal/overdrive pedal, a collaboration with Cusack Music.

The Caroline Reaper boasts both a high-gain overdrive circuit and high-gain silicon fuzz; these can be used independently or combined so the overdrive feeds the fuzz.

Use both channels at once and you’ll “open a portal to intergalactic doom”, says Haunted Labs. Blimey.

Six knobs are up top - volume, bias, fuzz (left side), volume, gain and tone (right side) - while there’s an internal bias trimmer for the silicon fuzz, too.

There’s also true bypass soft-touch switching and 9V power supply operation.

The Carolina Reaper is available now for $229/£183 - see Haunted Labs for more info.

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