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On the radar: Soeur

“If there was ever a time for bands to reach out and have an effect on people, I think it’s now,” says Tina Maynard, one of Soeur’s two frontwomen/guitarists. 

We wanted a name that reflected the great sense of unity that music offers

The Bristol trio do just that - laying Tina and co-vocalist Anya Pulver’s interwoven vocals over impossible-to-ignore experimental grunge.

Seperation anxiety

Their recent EP What Separates Us showcases a love of Steve Albini, PJ Harvey and Warpaint, flowing from pin-drop palm mutes to fuzz hell - the latter due to “all the Big Muffs” spread across four amps. “The bass amp just gives it that extra fist-in-the-arse,” adds Anya, succinctly.

Soeur means ‘sister’ and it’s this collective notion that is the primary motivator. “We wanted something that reflected the great sense of unity that music offers,” says Anya. “I hope that we are able to perpetuate that as a band.”

  • For fans of: Nirvana, Shellac, Warpaint
  • Gear: Tina - American Standard Telecaster, Marshall Valvestate 2000, Crate 4x10. Anya - Les Paul Zoot Suit, Marshall MG100, Hartke 5500 bass head

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