Old Blood Noise Endeavors releases $29 Split | Meld routing solution for pedals

This is one for the effects pedal users out there with more ambitious signal paths on their pedalboards; Old Blood Noise Endeavours new Split | Meld is a new routing solution. 

As the company's helpful video above points out, the unit consists of a pair of TRS stereo and a pair of mono jacks. The tip and ring of each TRS jack is routed to a mono jack for you to create parallel signal paths and the Split | Meld is especially useful for any effects on your pedalboard that offer TRS input and dual mono output. 

Old Blood Noise Endeavours

(Image credit: Old Blood Noise Endeavours)

Players can now effectively use their parallel signal paths together with the Split | Meld for stereo output rather than mono. If that doesn't make any sense, you may not need it… yet. OBDE says they'll be making a video soon to illustrate various creative setups that is could be used it - and that might just spark new inspiration for players.

More info at oldbloodnoise.com

Rob Laing
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