Novation’s Circuit Rhythm sampling groovebox has levelled up in version 2

Novation has always been kind to its user base when it comes to updating its vast array of products. Often, a product will endure a full and rich life with many upgrades and add-ons that add more bang for your buck and Circuit Rhythm is no different.

Novation launched the follow-up to its original Circuit groovebox in 2021 with the release of not one but two machines: Tracks and Rhythm. While Tracks is more similar to the original, Rhythm improves on the recipe with sampling capabilities added.

Now, 18 months after its initial launch, Circuit Rhythm has been given a new firmware update and version two has brought with it some significant improvements to the sampling groovebox.

Perhaps the highlight is Beat Match. This new feature does exactly what it says on the tin. At the press of a button, looped samples will be beat-matched to the tempo with pitch-up or pitch-down options at your disposal.

Novation Circuit Rhythm

(Image credit: Novation)

Another feature that aligns Circuit Rhythm with other samplers on the market is the Fixed Length Recording mode. Now you have the ability to select a fixed length of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps with the option of the recording triggered when the signal hits a certain threshold. 

Also welcome is the ability to now trigger newly-recorded samples within the Sample Record menu immediately, giving you even instant control over your samples and saving you time.

Alongside sampling improvements, there are also some new tricks in the performance stakes too. Within the Grid FX menu, each effect now has its individual parameters mapped to the macro knobs. On top of this, Mute States can now be saved within Scenes.

What was already an intuitive groovebox-based sampler now feels like even more of a complete machine that further enhances the Circuit’s original ethos as an inspirational tool.

If you want to find out more about Circuit Rhythm, check out the Novation website now.