Gibson teases a brand new guitar model

Cesar Gueikian
(Image credit: Cesar Gueikian / Instagram)

If you really want to know what Gibson is planning it seems the first place to find out is via Cesar Gueikian's Instagram

We like the look of it, and the message it gives; Gibson are not just content with rolling out variations on past glory

The company's Brand President loves to drop hints, videos and pics of upcoming launches because he's just as excited about them as anyone else. But his latest video is a big one.

It's a whole new shape of electric guitar with an Explorer headstock. Kind of like the old unused design Gibson released earlier in the year as the Theodore but with far less opinion-dividing horns. We're really keen to find out more. 

Because Cesar posted it as an Instagram story, his cheeky reveal disappeared after 24 hours but fear not – the Trogly's Guitar Show was hot on the case, and the YouTuber has even come up with a report on Cesar's Instagram with zany graphics called 'Cesar Says' to tickle his 238,000 subscribers. And now you too. 

The guitar features humbuckers, three-way switch, a master volume and tone, Gibson USA-style Nashville bridge (with allen key adjustment as well as thumbwheel) and an intriguing vintage tremolo tailpiece. 

Cesar Gueikian

(Image credit: Cesar Gueikian / Gibson)

Trogly also draws comparisons with the trem and control layout from the Gibson N-225 semi-hollow release from nine years ago. 


Gibson N-225 (Image credit: Gibson)

The finish poses further questions; it looks to be relic'd, so is this a future Murphy Lab Custom Shop run? 

Either way we like the look of it, and the message it gives; Gibson are not just content with rolling out variations on past glory. It's willing to be bold with new launches, even if some might be based on unused ideas from its vault. 

In other news, Trogly's video dissection also discusses whether Lamb Of God's Mark Morton may be announced as a Gibson endorsee soon. 

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