Neural DSP launches Cortex Control, a fully integrated desktop interface to manage Quad Cortex features and settings

Neural DSP Cortex Control
(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Life for the Quad Cortex user just got a little easier as Neural DSP announced the open beta release of its Cortex Control software – a fully integrated platform for managing the amp modeller from your desktop computer.

The software allows users to take total control of their unit, managing all features and settings, with a user-experience that Neural DSP promises will streamline workflow with “intuitive mouse actions and keyboard shortcuts” – and of course the capability to perform bulk actions as you manage the many sounds and features of the amp modeller.

It also boots up in seconds and syncs instantaneously with your Quad Cortex. If wi-fi is an issue, you can ensure your Quad Cortex is connected to the internet via the USB connection with your computer. So long as the Cortex Control software is open, the unit will take its internet signal via the USB.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

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Some of the tasks the Cortex Control app was designed to perform are administrative. You can backup your Quad Cortex settings. Sift through multiple presets and save, like, download or delete them. The same goes for Neural Captures and your IRs. 

Speaking of which, you have drag-and-drop functionality for managing IRs, and you can create new Neural Captures via the software, and audition new devices by simply clicking on one in the Grid and then selecting another from the Device List. If you like the sound of it, double-click on it and it’s on the grid. If not, press escape.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

(Image credit: Future)

Finally, Cortex Control has a live guitar tuner so you don’t need to open the tuner on the unit but simple toggle it on and off on your desktop.

Users will need to update the firmware on their Quad Cortex with the latest CorOS 2.2.0, and then they are good to go. This is an open beta release. There will be bugs. There are some. If you encounter any, check out the known issues list then send your feedback to the Neural DSP development team via the “Submit Feedback/Bug” button on the software. 

You can download the Cortex Control software from Neural DSP. If you’re in the market for a Quad Cortex, now is as good a time as any to make the leap – and not just because this Cortex Control software is now available. Andertons has taken £150 off the list price for the Quad Cortex and is selling them at £1,499.

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