NAMM 2018: Tsakalis's Phonkify and Galactic Modulation pedals revealed

Galactic Modulation

NAMM 2018: Tsakalis Audioworks hails from Greece, but their design staff seem to have spent some time at the outer edges of the tonal universe to bring you two gratifyingly out-there pedals.

Galactic Modulation is a cosmic stew of five modulation effects, while Phionkify is a more down-to-earth paean to the funk sounds of the '60s and '70s.

Both pedals will be available at the end of March, prices TBC.

Galactic Modulation

"Ever wondered what the universe sounds like?" is the undeniably ambitious question that prompted Galactic Modulation's development.

Tsakalis have created a modulation pedal which, apart from providing you with their versions of basic effects, lets you combine and blend them in a way that brings new textures to your board and, it says here, "creates potential for exploration"...

There are five basic modulation effects on board - Phaser, Univibe, Vibrato, Rotary and Flange - for use separately or blended into pairs, rendering a range 3D choruses and many other spacey soundscapes, while three expression jacks let you control the speed and depth of the effects, as well as how you choose to blend them.


Phonkify is a more grounded pedal altogether, an attemt "to revive the awesomeness of Funk and Soul music from the 60’s & 70’s, but also the gear used in this era".

Two modes of envelope filter, Smooth & Nast, which turn into wha at the minimum 'sensitivity' setting, can be combined with an octave up and/or down effect. 

The “Phonkify” features an expression jack, letting you control the frequency range of the envelope and wha effects and there's a dedicated footswitch for the octave effect. 

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