NAMM 2018: Pigtronix's Ringmaster ring modulator synth pedal heading to Anaheim

NAMM 2018: Pigtronix are bringing their new Ringmaster analog ring modulator synth pedal to NAMM this week.

Designed to create analog harmoniser and tremolo effects that can be made to follow the notes you play, and expanding on Pigtronix's so-called Intelligent Ring Mod found in their earlier Mothership pedal, Ringmaster adds LFO and Sample + Hold modulation sources, pitch following tremolo, and wave shaping for both inputs to the analog multiplier circuit at the heart of the unit.

Ring modulation is created by merging the audio signal from your instrument with an internally generated waveform known as a carrier signal. A ring modulator multiplies the notes you play by the value of the carrier signal, and outputs the sum and difference of the frequencies present in each waveform. 

In the Ringmaster, Pigtronix real-time pitch-tracking technology is used to make the carrier signal follow the notes you play, to produce musical harmonizer effects unlike any other pedal. The Follow function can also be switched off to achieve a comprehensive range of atonal, metallic and bell-like tones found in vintage ring modulators.

To get a real handle on what Ringmaster can achieve, check out Pigtronix's demo video above.

Tunable Analog Harmonizer
- Pitch-tracking “Follow” function
- Ring Mod and Tremolo modes
- Wide-range LFO
- Sample + Hold modulator
- Modulation CV output (0-5 VDC)
- External Carrier input
- Internal Carrier output
- 18DVC included
- True bypass

The Pigtronix Ringmaster will retail for $249 USD, and you can pre-order now, or hang on for the April release. For more info head over to

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