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NAMM 2018: Harmony resurrected with new guitars and amps

NAMM 2018: Harmony Guitars, once the single largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the US but defunct by the end of the '70s, is returning to the fray with three new electrics and an amp range.

The unashamedly retro-inspired guitars making a bow at NAMM were Silhouette, Rebel and Jupiter. All three pack Gold Foil pickups, custom cupcake knobs, Macassar ebony fretboards, medium jumbo frets and locking tuners.

The Silhouette has an alder body and Eastern maple neck, while the Jupiter and Rebel have mahogany bodies and necks.

Meanwhile, the company's new Harmony amp line will be a range of new combo amps, cabs and heads, and will launch alongside a reissue of the classic 8418 Harmony amp. Features include custom hand-wiring, a single 12” Jensen speaker, analog spring reverb, tremolo and pull boost and an angled baffle design.

“Harmony is an iconic and special brand," said CEO of BandLab Technologies, Meng Ru Kuok. "It means so much to people around the world and we’re very proud to be part of continuing to tell its story. 

"When getting to know a brand like Harmony, it was important not just to reissue classic models - what we did was to combine the best of the past and present to create a new range of guitars and amps that will appeal to everyone, whether amateur or professional.” 

All the amps and guitars will be available this summer, with prices TBC.

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