Musician plays all the parts to Muse classic Hysteria on a unique 'reversed' three-neck guitar

Luca Stricagnoli
(Image credit: Luca Stricagnoli / YouTube)

Struggling to hold down Chris Wolstenholme's classic bassline to Muse setlist staple Hysteria? Well imagine being Luca Stricagnoli – he's also playing percussion, the vocal melody and some of Matt Bellamy's guitar parts. often all at once.

His incredible take on Hysteria features a 'Reversed' three-neck guitar to deliver such an ambitious task. And the Italian-born guitarist came up with the idea for it himself.

It was built by luthier Davide Serracini and is claimed to be the first guitar in the world to have a reversed neck and it has multiple unique features. It features a standard six-string neck with six regular strings, a soprano neck with seven high-pitched strings tuned in scale, and a neck with three bass strings and a fret direction that is in reverse, despite the headstock machine head being placed in the traditional manner in line with the other two necks.

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