Morley unveils a trio of wahs from their new 20/20 lineup

The Morley 20/20 series so far: the Power Volume Wah, the Bad Horsie, and Power Wah
(Image credit: Morley Product Group)

Morley has revealed the first three of their 10-pedal 20/20 range with the revised Bad Horsie Wah, Power Wah and Power Wah Volume.

All three of the US-made wah pedals come in Morley's "regular pedal size" to fit neatly on your pedalboard, and feature an onboard buffer to protect against the sort of signal loss you can get from running a long cable and multiple effects.

The pedals are constructed from super-tough cold-rolled steel, and share glow-in-the-dark details to help you find them onstage and Morley's optical circuitry design for switchless activation – step on the treadle to activate the pedal and take your foot off to bypass. They should feel the same as Morley pedals of old.

The Bad Horsie comes in Flame Red finish and retails at $169 (approx £140, €152). It has two wah modes – Bad Horsie and Contour Wah – and you can choose between each via a footswitch at the side of the treadle. Contour Wah mode is controlled by contour (tone) and level knobs and lets you customise the wah's voice. Bad Horsie bypasses this and just lets rip as the Bad Horsie of yore.

The Power Wah comes in Midnight Pearl Blue and retails at $139 (approx £115, €125). It has a wah-boost control that can add up to +20dB of wah.

The Power Volume Wah in Traffic Yellow combines this +20dB boost functionality and can be used as a wah or volume pedal. It retails for $159 (approx £132, €143).

All are powered by a 9V battery or Morley DC input.

See Morley Products for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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