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Mojo Hand FX serves up some old-school whoosh and swirl with the Mister-O Phase Shifter

Mojo Hand FX Mister-O
(Image credit: Mojo Hand FX )

Mojo Hand FX has unveiled the Mister-O, which if you say it really fast it sounds like 'Maestro' – which is apt, as when you plug the pedal in it should sound a lot like the Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1.

Designed by Tom Oberheim in 1971, the PS-1 was a six-stage phaser with a three-button setup that allowed you to set the phaser speed as slow, medium or fast. The Mister-O is cut from similar cloth. 

With all the dials at noon, the Mister-O emulates the PS-1's medium speed, and from there, set the speed to 2-3 o'clock for fast, dial it all the way back for slow. 

From there, however, the sky's the limit, and once you start tweaking it the Mister-O starts to show some of its own personality. At its fastest setting, it can take on a vibrato character. That is just how vintage 70s phase shifters operated, with a change of speed also changing the LFO shape.

The Mister-O's Depth control sets how dramatic you want the effect while Colour is described by Mojo Hand with really the only word that's appropriate when talking about phasers: "whoosh."

Everyone needs some whoosh in their tone now and again, and as you can hear in the demo above, there's plenty of range here.

The Mister-O Phase Shifter is true bypass, takes 9V DC power, draws around 70mA of current and is priced $149. See Mojo Hand FX for more details.