A wolf in Strat clothing? Misha Mansoor demos his new Jackson MJ Series Signature Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT

Misha Mansoor's Jackson Juggernaut signature models are already an established success, but now the MJ Series So-Cal 2PT offers something quite different – a much more classic Fender Stratocaster vibe than we've seen from a Jackson electric guitar before. 

Misha reveals this Daphne Blue beauty was influenced by his own Custom Jackson "sleeper" Strat-style heavy relic with 20-inch radius caramelised maple neck with stainless steel frets and signature Bare Knuckle Ragnarok humbucker, along with single-coils specially voiced to complement it by the Cornish pickup company's Tim Mills. Very limited versions of that guitar were made available but now we have the production model.

Jackson MJ Series Signature Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT

(Image credit: Jackson Guitars)

This isn't a relic but this made in Japan model (hence the MJ series) follows the wolf in Strat clothing approach of the previous incarnations.  "They want me to call it a So Cal, but we know it's a Strat don't we?" jokes Misha in the video above. And yes, because Jackson is part of the Fender family that's a fully-licensed Strat headstock. 

MJ Series Signature Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT

(Image credit: Jackson Guitars)

The 20-inch radius features again – Misha loves a flat 'board. It's roasted maple too for stability in seasonal changes that can run riot on your tuning. There's 22 jumbo stainless steel frets and the whole experience means it is "very easy to shred on this neck," says the Periphery man. The truss rod wheel also features at the base of the neck for easy adjustment like Misha's other Jackson models. 

The Ragnarok works surprisingly well on mid gain and clean stuff

Misha Mansoor

The Ragnarok bridge humbucker offers aggression, with the Bare Knuckle Trilogy Suite single-coils sweetening up that snarl for versatility. "The Ragnarok works surprisingly well on mid gain and clean stuff, I don't know why – it just does," says Misha. And you've got the classic Strat neck pickup tones to enjoy too, with a contoured neck heel to encourage lingering in the high frets.

Body wood here is basswood and the neck also features the Luminlay side dots that Misha favours for low light stage conditions. Misha has chosen the Gotoh Custom 510 Tremolo here, along with the same brand's die-cast locking tuners.

The The MJ Series Signature Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT ($2,699) also features Dunlop Dual-Locking strap buttons and a Graph Tech TUSQ XL nut. 

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