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Mesa/Boogie promises a “unique vintage voice” from 6V6-powered Fillmore 25

Mesa/Boogie has announcement the Fillmore 25 amp and Fillmore 19 cabinet, which offer a downsized take on the Fillmore 50.

The Fillmore 25 promises a “unique vintage voice” courtesy of its 2x 6V6 and 5x 12AX7 tube line-up, while it offers two identical, footswitchable channels with three modes, as per its bigger brother.

Both channels boast channel cloned clean, drive and hi modes, with independent gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, reverb and master controls.

Mesa’s all-tube, long-tank spring reverb and fully buffered series tube effects loop are also onboard.

The open-back 1x12 Fillmore 19 cabinet is built from baltic birch and comes fitted with a Celestion Custom 90 speaker, aiming to deliver higher, tighter bass response.

The Fillmore 25 is available soon as a combo ($1,599) and head ($1,399), while the Fillmore 19 1x12 cab clocks in at $419. Head over to Mesa/Boogie for more.

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