Maxon teams up with amp wizard Mike Fortin for a limited edition OD-9 Overdrive

Maxon Fortin-Modded OD-9
(Image credit: Maxon)

The Maxon Custom Chop has unveiled a new OD-9 overdrive pedal that has been modded by Mike Fortin of Fortin Amplification.

The Fortin-Modded OD-9 takes the classic OD-9 format and, before anything else, makes it louder. According to Maxon, it “simply pulverizes the front-end of any amplifier, torturing tones out of tubes that must be heard to be believed.“  

A veritable sage of high-gain amplification, Fortin has built amps for the likes of Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Meshuggah, and has retooled the OD-9 circuit to make it play nicer with high-gain amplifiers.

The Fortin-Modded OD-9 takes a familiar form, however, with the only noticeable difference being the Fortin Amplification badge on the footswitch place.

There are controls for Drive, Tone and Level, while under the hood you will find the standard clipping diodes have been replaced for red LEDs, allowing you to run the unit as a clean boost, and for more natural, tube-like breakup.

The midrange response has been tweaked, with a heavier accent placed on the upper mids to enhance articulation and tease a few more harmonics out of your tone.

The idea for the collaboration came from a chance meeting at NAMM 2020. Some 100 signed units were available during the first run. As is the way with limited edition pedals, these are now sold out. But a second back, scheduled for January 2021 release, is available to preorder.

The Fortin-Modded OD-9 is true bypass, priced $199, and available to order direct from Maxon.

Jonathan Horsley

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