See Martin Miller and his session band cover Metallica, RHCP, Bryan Adams, Alice Chains, Radiohead and Lenny Kravitz in a '90s medley

Martin Miller
(Image credit: Martin Miller / YouTube)

German guitar ace Martin Miller and his session band have form for great cover medleys – we featured their '80s one a couple of years back. Now after the success of their rendition of Purple Rain with Chris Buck at this year's Guitar Summit they're back with another one; and this time the rock and metal hits of the '90s are in their sights.

That means an eerie interlude for Metallica's Enter Sandman, Miller stretching his pipes on Alice In Chains's Man In The Box and Marius Leicht's quite incredible keyboard and organ rig. 

It's another great showcase of their musicianship and tones, and the band put their own spin on these songs while paying them respect – Miller and Nico Schliemann playing a dual guitar harmony solo on Radiohead's Creep? You've got it! 

Check out more from Martin and the band on the Martin Miller YouTube channel. 

Rob Laing
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