Man creates a microtonal guitar using Lego blocks as frets

Turkish guitarist Tolgahan Çoğulu spent two years and using 3D printing and Lego (opens in new tab) bricks to develop his microtonal guitar after being inspired by his son's love of Lego.

The Lego Microtonal Guitar opens up a world of possibility by letting you play pieces of music that aren’t possible with a regular-fretted guitar. Tolgahan's son Atlas inspired the idea after making a Lego version an adjustable microtonal guitar fretboard his father already had.

Tolgahan's friend Ruşen Can Acet helped to design a microtonal fretboard that would be compatible with Lego blocks. Their finished design was then 3D-printed and attached to a regular guitar neck. See the video above to find out how it all came together. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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