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You can now make beats with a Reese's Puffs cereal box

Reese's Cereal Synth
(Image credit: Reese's)

Reese's are giving customers the chance to transform their cereal boxes into a groovebox or synth through the use of AR technology.

The cereal brand are releasing three limited-edition boxes in what they're calling the RP-FX series, which features the Crunchy Drum Machine, the Creamy Lead Synth and Chocolatey Bass Synth. 

The cereal box synths work using an accompanying app, found at, which uses your phone's camera to transform the grids on the box into a step sequencer. The placement of the Reese's puffs on the box determines the parameters of the synth or drum machine, and there's a choice between five sound packs for each box.

Reese's have also announced a real synthesizer, which they are sharing with a limited selection of producers. The RP-Pro's design uses fake cereal for its step sequencer and knobs that look just like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. According to the information on the side of the RP-Pro, it contains 808 calories.


(Image credit: Reese's)
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