Magnetic Effects and The Datsuns team up for the limited edition Eye To Eye phaser

Magnetic Effects Eye To Eye Phaser
(Image credit: Magnetic Effects)

London-based effects company Magnetic Effects has joined up with New Zealand rockers The Datsuns for a limited edition phaser pedal. Named after The Datsuns' latest album, the Eye To Eye is a four-stage OTA-based phaser that can dial in sounds from the subtle to the intense.

There are controls for Regen, Speed, Mix, Level and Sweep, with a three-way toggle switch to sets the range of the Speed control. In the middle position, the LFO is disabled, allowing you to use the Eye To Eye as a stationary filter pedal.

As for the other controls, Mix sets the blend of wet and dry signal. Parking it at noon will give you a 50:50 mix and a traditional phaser sound, or turn it all the way up for some seasick pitch vibrato.

Regen – or regeneration – is always interesting. Sometimes called feedback, it can be used to dial in extra resonance and intensity as the phased signal is regenerated through the circuit. 

Sweep, meanwhile, adjusts the range of frequencies that are affected by the phaser. Level controls the output level of the effect – handy for adjusting volume in your signal path – and once you have set the rate via the toggle, Speed will dial in how fast you want it.

The Eye To Eye phaser is available to order now and ships from 2 August. It's priced £139 plus shipping, handmade, and features top-mounted jacks to save space on your pedalboard, has a 1/4" jack for a tap tempo switch, and is true bypass.

See Magnetic Effects for more details.

As for Eye To Eye, the album, you can check that out on The Datsuns' Bandcamp page.

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