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Mad Professor unleashes feature-rammed Loud'n Proud overdrive/fuzz pedal

Finnish firm Mad Professor Amplification, one of our favourite pedal peddlers, has released a new amp-in-a-box fuzz pedal unit, the 'rebellious' Loud'n Proud [sic].

Cheekily touted as "a vintage 4-input Marshall in a box", Loud'n Proud replicates a complete amp signal path, incorporating not only the preamp but also the power amp with phase inverter, push-pull stage, and output transformer simulation, apparently aping not only the sound, but the behaviour of a real amp.

The pedal's moderate amount of gain "is what led us to adding a boost/fuzz to this medium gain overdrive circuit," says designer Jyrki Rahkola. 

The pre-boost can push up to 13dB, which adds extra gain, while slightly thickening the midrange, and the fuzz is designed to work like a vintage germanium stage. 

"The vintage germanium fuzz + Marshall Plexi is a classic tone combination that we absolutely wanted to include to the Loud'n Proud pedal!" adds Mad Prof CEO Harri Koski.

Finally, there's also a switch for two distinct voicings, with tighter bass and slightly compressed tone on the left, and looser bass including maximum dynamics on the right.

Loud'n Proud is now shipping worldwide at €225. For more info, head over to Mad Professor.

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