LR Baggs' founder Lloyd Baggs 40th anniversary interview: "I had no business experience, I was just a guitar-making hippy"

VGS 2020: If you've ever seen one of your favourite artists playing an acoustic guitar live, there's a good chance we have LR Baggs to thank for how good they sound. Lloyd Baggs was a talented cellist in his teens, then began building guitars for musicians including Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne, Janis Ian, Graham Nash and others. 

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But Baggs and his wife would go on to focus on producing pickup systems for acoustic guitars, with the LB6 acoustic guitar pickup winning famous fans. Forty years on, LR Baggs is a world leader in its field. 

His story is one of persistence and faith in the face of adversity, with an ongoing goal to amplify the acoustic guitar as faithfully as possible. See Lloyd's humble and fascinating account above.

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