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Looks like Ibanez is readying some old-school SuperStrat-style electrics for NAMM

It’s not even November, but NAMM rumours are already starting to trickle in, and this one comes straight from the horse’s mouth: retro SuperStrat-style electrics from Ibanez.

In a Facebook post, the company teased its “newest model” for the show, although we’d argue the Charvel/Suhr-aping 24-fretter and the ’80s Strat-style model qualify as different models to our eyes.

Anyhow, the new take on the Ibanez headstock has us intrigued: is this an attempt to appeal to more traditional players, away from the company's heartland of shred and metal guitarists?

We’re liking the Lake Placid Blue vibes and heel cutout round the rear, while we’re intrigued to see Seymour Duncan humbuckers make an appearance on the sunburst beauty, along with a non-locking vibrato unit, and toggle-switch for what we assume is a coil-split.

Rest assured, as soon as we have more info, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

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