Listen to “king of slide guitar” Troy Redfern’s fiery new single, Come On

Troy Redfern
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Following up last year’s highly acclaimed The Fire Cosmic, hard rocking slide master Troy Redfern has returned with what promises to be the most compelling album of his career yet: The Wings of Salvation.

Set for release on September 23, the album’s lead single, Come On, is accompanied by an energised performance video.

Toting a goldfoil pickup-loaded vintage Dobro resonator plugged into a Magnatone tube amp, Redfern’s blinding slide guitar technique can be viewed up close by those players hoping to cop a tip or two.

“My 1935 Dobro resonator features heavily on the new album along with my Magnatone Twilighter amplifier,” points out Redfern.

“I found this to be a killer combination. It’s such a huge tone without the need for layers and layers of guitar tracks.”

Produced by the multi-talented Dave Marks at Dulcitone Studios, The Wings of Salvation highlights Redfern’s trademark blistering slide guitar and gritty vocals.

While aiming for an old school aesthetic, Marks and Redfern decided they would apply no studio fixes or autotune to the recording.

Similarly, there would be no drum edits or samples. In other words, everything was to be as true to the studio performance as possible.

We wanted an album that authentically captured my sound

Troy Redfern

“We wanted an album that authentically captured my sound,” underscores Redfern. 

“I feel satisfied in knowing that we achieved what we set out to accomplish, and I couldn’t be prouder of this album."

Though the record marks a new chapter in his career, the guitarist doesn’t stray too far from his blues rock roots.

“I wanted to create something in the spirit of the old school classic rock albums that I grew up listening to,” he recalls.

“I wrote the new album from scratch in just under five weeks, in the same way that the bands that I grew up listening to used to do.

“It makes everything fresh and immediate. It’s an accurate snapshot of where you are as an artist at that moment.”

Troy Redfern 'The Wings of Salvation' album artwork

(Image credit: Troy Redfern)

Pre-order The Wings of Salvation here.

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