Learn some new old-school heavy metal with Spirit Adrift's Nate Garrett

Spirit Adrift's Enlightened In Eternity is one of the most eagerly anticipated metal records of 2020, promising some timeless steel, cosmic poetry and a cornucopia of metal riffs pitched in the key of doom.

Ahead of its 16th October release through Century Media (20 Buck Spin in the US), frontman, guitarist and bassist Nate Garrett has filmed a video lesson showing you how to play Harmony Of The Spheres. Yes, that's right, teaching you how to play it before it hits the record shop. 

What you'll need is an electric guitar tuned down to drop B, a respectable level gain on your amp, and a working knowledge of the heavy metal idiom. 

For his part, Garrett is playing his Dunable R2 through a Dunable Ultra Mega – a single channel, master volume, 85-watt head that offers you a formidable degree of control over the midrange. 

Given that Spirit Adrift's sound evokes all eras of classic metal and puts a contemporary spin on it, some mids is always a good thing to have on hand. You want some meat on the bones here.

This is a fun lesson and Garrett's style is essential listening for anyone looking to get a handle on riffs and how they stack together in a song. You can check out the original track below – conveniently with lyrics should you find yourself overcome with a belly of tongues and wish to sing along.

Enlightened In Eternity is available to preorder.
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Jonathan Horsley

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