Kylie Minogue on teaching herself Logic Pro in lockdown: “If 11-year-olds can do this in their bedroom, I can figure this out"

Kylie Minogue
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Coronavirus has put a stop to all manner of musical activity over the past six months, but in the face of this challenge, some artists have managed to adapt and thrive.

Take pop icon Kylie Minogue for example, who was all set to head into the studio to record her new album this year but had her plans thrown into disarray when lockdown happened. However, rather than delay the project, it turns out that she chose to up her production game and get on with it.

Minogue recently talked to Billboard about how she decided to turn her London flat into a makeshift recording studio: “I thought, if 11-year-olds can do this in their bedroom, I can figure this out,” she said. That meant switching from GarageBand to Logic Pro, presumably so that she’d be able to open projects sent to her from producers.

“I got really into [Logic Pro], and I’m annoyed with myself it took this long for me to get a handle on it,” she told Billboard. “It’s good to add new skills to your set.”

Vocals were recorded using first a Shure SM7B mic and then a Brauner VMX, with duvets, blankets and racks of clothes being dragged around the flat in order to create a suitable recording space.

Minogue’s experiences echoes that of bass player Leland Sklar, who recently revealed that he created his first home recording setup during lockdown (GarageBand and an SSL2+ audio interface) so that he could continue to work.

Kylie Minogue’s new album, Disco, will be released on 6 November, with a single, Say Something, out now.

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