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Klevgrand brings you the sound of vinyl in a desktop and iOS plugin with DAW LP

It’s already released a cassette deck emulation, and now Klevgrand is hoping to bring the sound of vinyl to your plugin rack and iPad with DAW LP.

Designed to simulate the well-known audio imperfections that are associated with vinyl - including hum, scratches and noise - you can also set the quality of the amp, needle and cable. There are input gain, output gain and dry/wet mix parameters, too. As such, you can recreate the sound of everything from a degraded old record player to a pristine hi-fi setup.

You can find out more and download PC and Mac demos on the Klevgrand website. The desktop version of DAW LP currently costs $19.99 and comes in VST/AU/AAX formats. The iPad AUv3 edition, meanwhile, is currently available for $7.99/£7.99 and can be purchased from the Apple App Store.