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Kilohearts at Back To Live

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BACK TO LIVE: Kilohearts is enabling new generations of successful music producers and sound designers by developing industry-leading, modular audio software with a focus on workflow and creativity.

The Kilohearts Ecosystem

The Kilohearts Ecosystem is made up of modular hosts (Phase Plant, Multipass and Snap Heap) and individual effects units.  Effects can be used by themselves or combined within the hosts as Snapins to build your own unique, custom built synths and effects. Create anything from simple, functional processors to complex, unpredictable beasts, and everything in between. 

The possibilities are literally endless.

Kilohearts Snapins are lightweight but powerful plugins that present you with the important settings in a no-nonsense way. Every setting and component is clearly documented so you know exactly what goes on when you turn that dial. Kilohearts hosts are the factories where you combine Snapins and modulation to create your unique sounds and effects. 

Kilohearts Phase Plant

Phase Plant

(Image credit: Kilohearts)

Phase Plant is an award-winning, semi-modular softsynth and Snapin Host developed for music producers and sound designers that offers a unique combination of quality, functionality, and workflow.

Whether you are new to synthesis or a seasoned professional, you will be creating amazing patches in no time. With limitless combinations of generators, modulators and effects available you will be able to discover and refine your own original sound.

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Kilohearts Multipass

Multipass is a multiband modular Snapin host which splits the incoming signal into up to five frequency ranges which can then have effects chains added to them separately. 

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Kilohearts Snap Heap

Snap Heap is a FREE host for Kilohearts Snapin effects.

Quickly and easily combine your Snapins to create your own serial and parallel modular effects units.

Snap Heap currently comes loaded with over 100 ready-to-use presets, and you can find plenty more out in the wild. 

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All Kilohearts Host plugin presets are fully functional regardless of which Snapins you own.

Choose the best option for you

All Kilohearts plugins can be purchased individually or you can save big by buying a collection of Snapins in one of our Kilohearts Toolboxes. Alternatively you can get instant access to all Kilohearts plugins and Content Banks for just $9.99 a month with the Kilohearts Subscription.

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The Kilohearts Subscription

The Kilohearts Subscription gives you instant access to every single Kilohearts plugin, and all official Content Banks, for just € 9.99 a month. This includes our groundbreaking modular synthesizer Phase Plant, as well as our other highly customizable modular effects hosts, all of our effects plugins, and several exclusive Content Banks by professional artists and sound designers!

There is no annual commitment so you can take a break any time and re-subscribe when you can’t bear to be without our software any longer... and to make the deal even sweeter we came up with Subscriber Rewards which you can use to buy perpetual licenses.

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Try for FREE

A free ten day trial is available of all Kilohearts plugins so that you can get familiar with the Kilohearts Ecosystem before you decide to buy. 

Experience the Kilohearts Ecosystem TODAY!

Exclusive “Back to Live” Discount

Get 10% off any purchase until July 31st 2021 with coupon code B2L10 (cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons). 


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