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KHDK unleashes Kirk Hammett signature Ghoul Jr Overdrive mini pedal

It’s been two years since Kirk Hammett and David Karon founded KHDK, and now the company has launched its first mini pedal, the Ghoul Jr Overdrive.

Derived from the hugely versatile Ghoul Screamer, the Jr spans tones from fuzzy treble boost to creamy gain, while a ‘full-on’ mode promises to cut through a mix, whether using the pedal as a standalone overdrive or boosting an already-overdriven amp - “flick the style switch down and wreak havoc!” says the Metallica guitarist.

Drive, volume and tone controls, along with voice and style switches, handle tonal tweaks, while a pair of green LEDs indicate when the pedal’s active.

The Ghoul Jr is out very soon - expect more to come from KHDK in the coming months…

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