Kemper Liquid Profiling officially arrives as a free update: amp profiling and modelling in harmony?

(Image credit: Kemper)

We previously reported on Kemper's ambitious new Liquid Profiling update, and it's now available for users to download for free as a public beta.

"From now on guitar players and producers can enjoy the exact profiles of their individual amps plus get access to the original sonic bandwidth of the original amplifier design and tone stacks of their amps’ brand," says the company.

The idea of Liquid Profiling is the assimilation of Kemper's profiling with the 'faithful' controls of a modelling amp. Users can create their own Liquid Profiles or use Kemper's current range that are available with the update. These profiles are said to capture the amps tonestacks and "authentic gain behaviour". Instead of more general EQ, the Liquid Profiles capture specific controls and their character from individual amps, and you can even combine elements to create hybrids of your favourite amps.

"Profiles have been acclaimed since day one" states Kemper. "But users were irritated by the generalized Amp EQ for further tweaking, also the tonal subtleties of increased or decreased levels of gain were not completely authentic. For the players turning the amp-knobs for changing tones didn’t deliver the results as they were familiar with from the real amp. But now with Liquid Profiling in OS 10.0 they can play authentic. Or, of course, even try Tone Stacks of a classic Class A combo on a Plexi Head and so much more!"

The video above explains the process of creating a profile for an amp, and it seems pretty straightforward. 

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