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Keeley releases That Pedal Show D&M Drive overdrive pedal

That Pedal Show hosts Daniel Steinhardt and Mick Taylor have won plenty of fans for their channel's exhaustive episodes of effects experimentation - including Robert Keeley, who has honoured the pair with the D&M Drive.

The D&M Drive combines a versatile drive with multiple gain stages (Dan) and a high-voltage boost (Mick) in one stompbox, and can be stacked together with either the drive or the boost first, adjusted via a toggle switch.

Users of switching systems, such as TheGigRig's G2, will be pleased to note that TRS insert cables can also be used to independently integrate the pedal's two sides.

Keeley's D&M Drive is on sale from 4 May for $229 - see Robert Keeley for more info.

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