Keeley announces Moon Op Amp Fuzz for Gilmour-inspired tones and beyond

Keeley has unveiled its brand new Moon Op Amp Fuzz fuzz pedal, inspired in part by David Gilmour’s thick, saturated Pink Floyd tones. Described as a “supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain” the Moon Op Amp Fuzz has been designed to offer extra heavy bass response without a loss of headroom.

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz

(Image credit: Keeley Electronics)

On the surface, it’s a fairly straightforward-looking fuzz box, with level, fuzz and filter controls, plus a three-position toggle offering flat, mid-boosted or mid-scooped tone shifts. But this being Keeley, we can expect it to be a little more than a standard fuzz-a-like pedal.

Featuring four internal gain/fuzz stages, the Moon Op Amp Fuzz has its origins in Keeley’s Rotten Apple and Dark Side pedals, but Robert Keeley says that the circuit has been redesigned with super-smooth, thick, bass-heavy response in mind. The result, according to Keeley is massive low end, which when applied to lead sounds will make the tone as harmonically rich as possible, putting controlled, blooming feedback at your fingertips.

“The new Moon Fuzz could be considered a heavily modified Rotten Apple (or Dark Side), but this circuit has changed so much that it ‘s really a different design.” says Keeley. 

“Here we stack the gain stages differently and add low-end in a different area of the circuit,  thus giving much more gain without the bass eating up the headroom. The tone control has also been re-imagined to tighten up the range. It comes out ‘cleaner’ and much more gainy at the same time!”

The Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz has been created for an exclusive partnership with The Guitar Store, and is available worldwide through its Reverb store priced at a pretty reasonable $149.

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