Karnivool pedalboard tour: Jon Stockman and Drew Goddard

Jon Stockman, bassist with Karnivool, and his pedalboard
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Karnivool's visits to the UK have been few and far between (we can thank the pandemic for much of that) but they were greeted to a hero's welcome when they finally made it over. The Perth band never disappoint; they always deliver live and are big on tones, hooks and a progressive treatment of alternative rock that's set them apart for years. 

The realities of touring for bands now are hard; freight costs are dictating rig choices for overseas shows more than ever. So we're not surprised to see guitarist and co-founder Drew Goddard playing with a streamlined pedalboard alongside his trusty choice of Peavey 5150 tube amp. Bassist Jon Stockman is another matter…

Karnivool bassist Jon Stockman's pedalboard

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Even in a somewhat compromised 'Macgyver' European touring mode, he's got a more involved bass pedalboard than most players we've ever met. It's reflective of a creative musician who has put a lot of thought into his sound and how he can evolve it. He's also the player who developed the Alpha Omega pedal with Darkglass. 

Drew Goddard, guitarist with Karnivool

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Karnivool's other guitarist Mark 'Hoss' Hosking was using a rack amp modelling processor for tones so didn't have a 'board to show us.

Check out the videos below as Drew and Jon guide us through their pedalboards. 

Jon Stockman pedalboard tour

Drew Goddard pedalboard tour

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