"Collage is a thousand audio effects in one": Randomize your effects and get unexpected results with this quirky, colourful multi-effects plugin from Kalide

(Image credit: Kalide)

Collage is a new multi-effects plugin from Kalide, with a twist. Featuring a unique user interface for each effect, Collage sports a quirky, artistic aesthetic that singles it out as one of the most memorable plugin designs we've seen in months.

With 43 individual effects processors and over 1000 presets, Collage can do everything from convolution reverb and compression to filtering and distortion. In addition, there's a noise gate, EQ, delays, bitcrusher, and various types of modulation onboard, along with four LFOs that can be mapped to any parameter.

In Collage's Interaction View, the interface for each of the plugin's presets features one or more unlabelled controls that act as macro controllers, adjusting a number of unspecified parameters under the hood of the plugin. Effects are given different names like Starboard, Cloak, and Quell, that obscure their true function.

While the lack of explanation and labelling on the UI may be frustrating for some, this is really Collage's USP; by effectively randomizing your interaction with its effects processors, it's intended to invite experimentation and lead to happy accidents. 

Those looking for a little more control can open up Collage's Editor View to create custom chains of up to eleven effects processors and access each effect's parameters in full, or build their own custom UIs for each of their effect patches from a selection of visual assets. 

Collage is available now for macOS and Windows in AU/VST3/AAX formats (AAX is Mac only). The plugin is priced at $179 but is now available for $129.

Find out more on Kalide's website.

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