K-Devices’ brand new delay and amp mod plugins, WOV and TTAP, promise plenty of creative features

K-Devices is about to launch its first set of plugins, an amp modulator called WOV and a delay effect called TTAP, with both promising creative features and there’s also a hefty offer on all pre-orders.

The amplitude modulation options in WOV range from guitar tremolo-like movement, to more complex patterns and everything in between. 

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What sets TTAP apart from the usual delay plugin crowd is the additional creative features that process the delayed signal. There are two buffers that can be independently processed, even with more delay.

Both plugins are 64-bit, Mac/PC compatible and available in VST, VST3, AAX, AU (Mac only) formats.

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If you want to get in on the super-special pre-order deal, then you’ve not got much time as they will be released tomorrow (26 February), but don’t worry as there will be another introductory offer available.

Pre-order now and you can get both WOV and TTAP for just €59 (50% off). From 26 February to 17 March you can get each plugin for €45 (25% off) and the bundle will be €69 (40% off). Thereafter, the prices will be €59 each and €99 for both plugins.

For more information, check out the K-Devices website.

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