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Joyo rolls out the Pedal Carpet, the world's lightest pedalboard

We've seen all kinds of pedalboard formats over the years, from shelves to skateboards (just take a look at The People's Pedalboards), but Joyo's Pedal Carpet is the most flexible - in every sense of the word - solution we've seen yet.

Touted as the world's lightest pedalboard, the Pedal Carpet weighs 454g and boasts a foldable design, which makes for easy patch cable and pedal order changes, while power cords can be concealed in a Velcro'd inner layer.

A backpack-style Pedal Carpet Bag is also available, which fits the 'board when folded in half, and also features two pockets for larger stompers, such as wahs and volume pedals.

We can see this becoming popular with guitarists travelling on public transport, especially given the price: the Pedal Carpet is available now for $24.99, while the Carpet and Bag costs $70. Head over to Joyo Audio for more info.

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