See the moment Joe Bonamassa decides to buy the 'Dirty Burst' 1960 Les Paul that was discovered in the UK

We've already reported on the incredible story behind the discovery of an uncirculated 1960 Gibson Les Paul in the UK via vintage specialist dealers ATB Guitars, and now we can see where it ended up; in the hands of Burst aficionado Joe Bonamassa.

When ATB took the guitar down to show him before his Albert Hall show last month, he decided to buy it. He'll now take the steps to get this rare find back to its glory and its owner in the UK, who had no idea of the valuable guitar he was storing in his house, is now substantially better off after paying £50 for the guitar back in 1967.


(Image credit: ATB Guitars / Facebook)

The ATB team has shared the video of its visit to see Joe above. Along with the unexpected revelation from fellow vintage guitar expert Ronny Proler, who is also present, that he once owned the Burst with the serial number 00253 – the guitar that was made immediately after the 00252 Les Paul Joe is buying. He even has a picture of it. 

It looks like Joe is planning to remove the Bigsby and reattach the pickguard for starters, but a refret and reassembly of the bridge posts are two of the big jobs ahead. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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