Joe Bonamassa "transitioning into a superstar" on new album, claims producer

Joe Bonamassa
(Image credit: Eleanor Jane)

Joe Bonamassa has confirmed his next studio album, Time Clocks, for an October release, and he means business, if producer Kevin Shirley is to be believed.


Joe Bonamassa

(Image credit: Eleanor Jane Parsons )

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The album, today trailed with second single The Heart That Never Waits, below, “is truly transitional,” says Shirley. “From a blues musician to a superstar artist. I’m so thrilled to be along for the ride.” 

Studio royalty is in play too, with Bob Clearmountain on mixing duties, and he’s also more than happy to put his mouth where his money is. 

“This is one of the best albums I've mixed in years,” the production legend says. 

“Joe is not only one of the finest blues & rock guitarists of our time, he's also a brilliant songwriter. [That’s] impressively apparent on this record.”

Recorded in New York City at Germano Studios/The Hit Factory the Time Clocks band includes Steve Mackey (bass), Lachy Doley (piano), Bunna Lawrie (didgeridoo), Bobby Summerfield (percussion), and Late Night with David Letterman's Anton Fig (drums and percussion), along with Mahalia Barnes, Juanita Tippins, and Prinnie Stevens on backing vocals. 

Joe wanted to strip things back with his own rig for this "subway album" as he explained to us late last year ahead of recording. 

"“Take the subway down to the studio – cash and carry!  The records in my world? Y’know, you’ve got production cases and I have a collection of guitars, and you have got all of these options, and it is almost too much.

“You don’t need half of it, and you end up just playing, ‘Yeah, whatever!’ Now, it's two amps, in case one blows up. Not two amps at a time, just in case one blows up. Add a couple of guitars and you’re good.”

Joe Bonamassa Time Clocks

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Full track list
1. Pilgrimage
2. Notches
3. The Heart That Never Waits
4. Time Clocks
5. Questions And Answers
6. Mind's Eye
7. Curtain Call
8. The Loyal Kind
9. Hanging On A Loser
10. Known Unknowns

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