JHS Pedals teaches us the history of effects with a full-blown musical

All guitar pedal creators love effects – it's kind of a job requirement, but we don't think there's anyone that truly loves them as much as Josh Scott of JHS Pedals. His work on the JHS YouTube Channel is essential viewing and now he's done something on a whole new level and created 27 and a half-minute love letter to guitar effects pedals with a full-blown musical. Yes, really. 

"Pedals: The Musical, the world’s first ever historically accurate musical comedy" is the billing – and it delivers on all those fronts, featuring Scott and a whole cast of actors and musicians with full production. From the Maestro Fuzz-Tone's opening number (I'm the first / a brand new attraction / the reason Keith Richards can't get satisfaction), the in-jokes come thick and fast. 

JHS Pedals

(Image credit: JHS Pedals)

It's a beautiful, ambitious thing and you need to see it above. We think Scott and his talented cast of actors, dancers and musicians (you can spot Musical Director / guitarist Rhett Shull in the band) should take this on the road when the pandemic permits. 

Josh Scott

Josh Scott (Image credit: JHS Pedals)

Musicals are a huge undertaking at the best of times but right now … well this is an incredible achievement and the production, supported by Sweetwater, has given artists the chance to work during a particularly channeling time. 

There's going to be a live Q&A with the cast later today at the JHS Pedals YouTube channel. For now you can check out an insightful rig tour with Josh Scott and Rhett Shull below. 

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