JHS Pedals expands its entry-level 3 Series, adding Hall Reverb, Flanger and Phaser to the $99 stompbox range

Launched in October 2020, JHS Pedals’ 3 Series proved an immediate hit among beginners and budget-conscious players, with its Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Compressor, Chorus, Delay and Reverb guitar effects pedals offering high-quality sounds in a stripped-back format at the welcoming price of $99.

Now the Kansas-based effects specialist has added Flanger, Phaser and a massive sounding Hall Reverb to the range, meaning that you could quite comprehensively populate your pedalboard with them, and there would be be plenty of sounds to dial in.

The three new pedals arrive in the same format as the others, with a trio of dials and a toggle switch for selecting another function or mode. Indeed, the straightforward enclosure design is as much of an attraction as the price, offering plenty of control without sending you scarpering for the manual.

JHS Pedals 3 Series

(Image credit: JHS Pedals )

The 3 Series Flanger is inspired by classic analogue flangers such as the Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress, the Tycobrahe Pedalflanger and the MXR M117 Flanger, and has knobs controlling Blend, Rate and Intensity, with its toggle switch activating a Tape mode which replicates hardware tape flanging which was originally performed by manipulating the speed of tape machines in the studio.

Inspired by the golden age of phaser pedals, the 3 Series Phaser is a six-stage phaser offering a heady ‘70s vibe, and has controls for Blend, Rate and Width, with its Feedback toggle allowing you to dial in some more contemporary (read: weirder) sounds via the Blend control. 

The Hall Reverb, meanwhile, offers huge ambience space for your electric guitar tone to sink into. It has controls for Verb, Dampen and Decay, with a Modulate toggle switch adding a little movement to the reverb pedal’s decay, which JHS describes as a “slightly detuned effect” if you catch it just right, and it’s just the thing for manipulating large, cavernous sounds. Indeed, you can dial in some infinity-and-beyond sounds with the Hall Reverb.

All three take a 9V DC power supply and draw 70mA, and are available now, priced £/$99. See JHS Pedals for more details.

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