“Why does it only have drums and vocals?”: Watch Karol G keyboard player Jemma Heigis trying to figure out the chords for Huey Lewis and the News’ The Power Of Love, a song she’s never heard before

Remarkably, there are still some people out there who’ve never seen Back To The Future, and have never heard Huey Lewis and the News’ The Power Of Love, the movie’s iconic theme song. 

It turns out that one of them is Jemma Heigis, currently keyboard player for Karol G, so Pianote did its usual thing of giving her the vocals and drums and asking her to fill in the blanks.

It was certainly a tough assignment - the key change in the middle 8 proved particularly challenging - but Heigis does a pretty good job of re-harmonising, even getting fairly close to the original in some areas.

There’s a spicy Moog synth solo to enjoy, too, though it’d probably raise a few eyebrows at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.

“Usually when I hear a song I’m good at playing by ear, but you guys gave me no chords so that was pretty difficult,” says Heigis after she’s heard Huey and co’s original song. “I just didn’t want to put all these ridiculous chords over it so it felt a little bit ‘oh my God, what am I doing?’ but we got through it.”

She certainly did, and Heigis also has the good fortune of being able to go away and watch Back To The Future for the very first time, which we’re actually quite jealous about.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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