Jackson and Chris Broderick put a fun, signature twist on the Pro Series Soloist

Jackson has unveiled a series of signature Pro Series Soloists for Chris Broderick that build on the model's reputation as the ultimate in high-performance electric guitars.

When we think of the Jackson Soloist we think of that sharpened S-style body shape, the neck-through build, a speedy neck and pickups – typically a dual-humbucker setup – that could take the paint off the wall. 

Well, with these fresh for 2021 Broderick signature guitars, we've got that and more. If seven-string guitars are your bag, you're in luck. Jackson is offering the Chris Broderick Soloist in six- or seven-string versions, with a choice of hardtail or Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo systems.

There are signature DiMarzio CB humbuckers at the neck and bridge, a three-way pickup selector, volume and tone knobs with push-pull coil-splits, and a little bit of fun courtesy of a killswitch. 

Broderick's Soloist has a reverse AT-1 3x3 headstock, a graphite-reinforced maple neck with a mahogany body and a totally cosmic poplar burl top on the Transparent Blue model, plain mahogany on the Gloss Black models. 

All models feature laurel fingerboards with a 12" radius, topped by 24 jumbo frets,  plus black hardware and Dunlop Dual-Locking strap locks so you can throw the thing around onstage without worrying about it hitting the floor. The arched top and enhanced cutaways will let you get up the top end of the fretboard with no delay.

Chris Broderick

(Image credit: Jackson)

In short, this guitar is built for performance, for fun, and for taking your playing to the next level. That's always been the Jackson mission statement and it's something that the In Flames guitarist (and, lest we forget, former Megadeth alpha-shredder) places a lot of value in.

“I really want them to notice the playability, the features and the sound,“ Broderick said. "You always want to play music from the standpoint of inspiration and not duty. Always remember why you play the instrument, that it was fun and how amazing it was to just get something like your first pinch harmonic.”

The Pro Series Chris Broderick soloist is available now,  priced from £799 / $999 street for the six-string models, and from £899 / $947 street for the seven-string models.

See Jackson for more details.

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