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The new issue of Computer Music is one for anyone itching to get some tracks laid down but wondering where to go next, with a comprehensive guide to tailoring your own set-and-forget mixing chains to whip out whenever inspiration strikes.

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…and you can start making that music right here, right now, with an amazing starter pack of a full FREE DAW (Bitwig Studio 5.2 8-Track), a FREE mixing chain processor (Mixing Night Audio's LOLCOMP Lite CM) and our monthly selection of carefully curated FREE sample packs.

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News & Views

This month's dispatch from the front line of computer music-making takes us deep into the virtual world. Video game composer Jason Graves talks us through his incredible new score for the immersive Still Wakes the Deep, and staying on topic, we took an in-depth look at the current state of play in the VR and AR space.

AA38 Swamp Thing OST, Episode 02: Worlds Apart - YouTube AA38 Swamp Thing OST, Episode 02: Worlds Apart - YouTube
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Inspiring Workshops

In our monthly expert features, Roland Schmidt kicks off with a session on how to craft a sequencer polysynth patch, Sara Simms buckles up for some country-style EDM and Jon Musgrave advises on best practice for panning.

Reviews Reviews Reviews

As usual this month we've run the rule over a number of new-to-the-market software picks: Softube Console 1 Channel Mk3, Baby Audio Atoms, Void and Vista Folds, Cherry Audio CR-78, UVI Aurora and Sampleson Drumbada. Plus the most talked about new sample packs!

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