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Is this the best guitar pickup comparison video ever?

The clever folks at Reverb have just put together an almighty, all-encompassing pickup comparison video on YouTube, which some commentators are already hailing as the best pickup shootout video yet.

Employing a wealth of guitars, spanning pickup types from Strat and Tele single coils to Gold Foil, P-90s, mini-humbuckers and beyond, the video highlights the tonal differences between 13 different types of pickup, using neck and bridge pups with clean and dirty tones.

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The tasty assortment of solidbodies includes classic models from Fender and Gibson, as well as Gretsch, Supro, PRS and Silvertone electrics.

All guitars are played through a Victoria 45410 Bassman-style amp, while a Fulltone OCD pedal is employed for the dirty sounds. Top stuff!

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