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Is the tape revival set to rival vinyl in the DJing stakes?

Jeremy Bell has developed what could be, for tape enthusiasts, quite possibly the ultimate DJing tool, called the ScrubBoard.

It’s a block of wood featuring a deconstructed cassette machine that includes a hand-held tape head that enables you to scrub over the free playing tape.  

A foot pedal is used to control the speed and direction of the tape and Jeremy has also deployed another product of his making, called the DoubleStop Rocker, to act as something akin to a crossfader in this setup.

The results are pretty good and, while it won’t be replacing turntables anytime soon, it does have one thing over its vinyled sibling - the ability to sample and scratch at the same time. 

As the video shows, you can sample in a sound and then instantly scratch the results.

Check out the full demo.

Despite mounting a failed Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, Mr Bell is seriously open to creating a production model of the ScrubBoard once again. So, if you want one, then we suggest you register your interest with the man himself.

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